Detectors are an integral part of the analysis. They define throughput, accuracy and resolution of the measurements, but they are also a vital component for an automated analysis. Typical problems of limited count-rates, low solid-angle, count-rate dependent calibrations hinder your analysis progress.

Our ground-breaking annular segmented ion detector eliminates these problems with up to 8 million counts per second (Mcps) together with high-resolution and ideal angular coverage. The detector combines the signals of 8 individual crystals in a tight packaging with easy replacement of individual detectors. This breakthrough alleviates typical problems of RBS and NRA of low statistics, overlapping peaks, and detection limits of scarce elements. It also delivers a break-through for µ-mapping, since the larger solid angle enables shorter measurement times per point and requires less ion current on the sample, an additional benefit when operating with deuteron beams.

The ion impact on the detector related to RBS and NRA reaction products A special algorithm for detector energy resolution enables to optimise the values for all detector segments and identify deteriorated detectors for replacement.

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