Our beamlines combine low-costs with state-of-the-art of vacuum layout and nuclear engineering to provide you maintenance free systems with a base pressure of 2x10e-9 mbar. The beam line can be equipped with Faraday-cups, steering magnets, quadrupole magnets, and apertures. Our precision manufactured fixed apertures with up to 10 pre-selected openings enable high beam loads up to kW at low costs and minimal edge scattering. In special cases, our computer controlled motorized apertures can be required for increased flexiblity in terms of beam size, but this flexibility limits the beam load to about 100 W.

With our special high-precision alignment procedure and a smart selection of supports and flexible elements an alignment to <1 mm after installation and <0.1 mm after fine-tuning with beam becomes possible. Together with our computer controlled steering magnet optimisation beam profile monitors (BPMs) become obsolete, resulting in a better system at lower overall costs compared to regular installations. The precise alignment, low stray-magnetic fields in the  µT range, and minimal vibration coupling with amplitudes <<1 µm ease the beam guidance and shorten your daily preparation effort and costs.

A selection of materials based on nuclear calculations of activation depending on beam energy and spezies results in lower overall lifetime costs and reduced beam-on radiation. Aluminium vacuum components offer advantages in many cases, but different types of steels or coatings are also available. Even more critical is the selection of aperture materials where Ta, Au, or Cu  or a combination of these typically offer the best options. Our radiation protection services will provide you solid estimates of expected radiation levels and activation on request and select the optimal materials and manufacturing technologies for you.

The image shows a custom spray painted version of a 5 meter long CF100 beamline featuring a steering magnet (right), a faraday cup (left), two shutters, and 2*10e-9 mbar base pressure.

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