Ion-beam analysis offers numerous unique possibilities for quality control and development processes. It provides compositional information in 2D or 3D near the surface and up to about 100 µm in depth.

A complete MeV ion-beam analysis system combines an ion source, a DC accelerator, beamlines, end-stations, control software, and data analysis software. The layout of such systems requires knowledge of radiation protection, instrumentation, and ion-beam analysis. For further details of our end-stations take a look for battery, semiconductor, scientific or individual tasks.

As the first supplier on the market we offer complete systems for industrial and scientific µ-beam applications including optimised detection system design, radiation protection, low background vacuum system, and automatic data acquisition and evaluation. The accelerator is provided by world-leading suppliers and integrated into our beamlines and end-stations. The whole system can be as short as 4 meter and 2 meter wide when optimized towards a specific task or contain  numerous end-stations on several 100 m² for long-term scientific campaigns as shown in the figures below.

Our radiation protection packages take care of material selection and shielding at critical points, a problem usually limiting the performance of ion-beam analysis devices. Additionally, this enables easy integration into your existing non-nuclear laboratory, depending on local regulations, even without high-level radiation protection trained staff.

Contact us for further information and the layout of a design specific to your application.

A correct lab layout requires a high level of knowledge on ion-beam analysis, but i minimizes costs, size and radiation hazards. The graph shows two exemplary layouts. The top layout depicts a multi-purpose scientific lab with numerous different applications and sample types. The bottom layout depicts a minimal configuration optimized towards a single application, for example quality control of silicon wafers.
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