Ion beam analysis is a technology established in science since the 1940s. Our vision is to develop and produce solutions for a break-through in industrial applications by signifcant cost reductions and increases in productivity. This requires a competent and interdisciplinary team.



Dr. Sören Möller

  • PhD in Physics
  • Official german radiation protection officer level S6.4
  • Scientist in materials research with focus on nuclear materials and solid-state batteries
  • Expert in ion-matter interactions
  • Author of Accelerator technology - Applications in industry, science and medicine
  • Responsible officer for technology, physics, and data analysis at Aachen-Ion-Beams

Daniel Höschen

  • Master in mechanical engineering
  • Vast industrial experience in automotive design in pre-production and production development
  • Vast scientific experience in instrument design for several physics experiments such as the Wendelstein 7-X  stellarator in Greifswald
  • Responsible officer for design, construction and installation at Aachen-Ion-Beams

Aachen Ion Beams UG
MeV ion µ-beam analysis by RBS, NRA, ERD, PIXE, and PIGE, irradiation technologies, engineering services