26.10.2023, 13:27

Irradiation chamber installed at DIFFER

In cooperation with the dutch institute for fundamental energy research (DIFFER) AIB installed a new irradiation chamber called DICE at the DIFFER 3 MV accelerator. The endstation enables proton irradiation of...   mehr

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We are your reliable and innovative supplier for MeV ion-beam analysis for industrial and scientific applications and projects. As a spin-off project of Forschungszentrum Jülich, we offer you access to the latest scientific results and technology.

Ion-beam analysis offers unique analytical features and performance, providing a clear benefit for R&D, QA, and other fields. It features unique capabilities for light element detection (H to F), allows analysis of the complete periodic table, delivers tomographic information, and achieves ppm detection limits. This makes its application fields range from biology over semiconductors, geology, material analysis up to forensics. The headline shows our flexible BEAM-SCIENCE end-station.

We offer complete systems of accelerators and end-stations ready for analysis based on world-leading suppliers and our own innovative solutions. By the combination of physics inspired engineering and AI based data analysis our systems offer the best analysis capabilites at the lowest unit cost available on the market and with the least data evaluation competency requirements. These new developments enable a wider application of ion-beam analysis beyond science for sub-mm sized samples up to 450mm industrial wafers.

Besides complete systems we provide all relevant individual components such as magnets and end-stations and services for improving and extending existing laboratories or setting up new laboratories on your own. Our calibration service based on the latest IAEA recommendations will enable you to improve your analytical accuracy and international comparability. Furthermore, we can also offer you analytical services for project tasks or technology demonstrationbased of our existing system.

Please take a look at our products and the underlying technology. Feel free to contact us regarding technological or scientific questions and regarding pricing, service, and orders. If you find time, please answer our questionnaire to help us improve our services.

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