ANALYSIS SERVICE (starting from 200€)

Send us your samples for analysis in our Ion-beam analysis lab. You will receive a detailed analytical report.  Ion-beam analysis can provide valuable information in many applications such as air pollution analysis, semiconductor production or hydrogen economy.

  • Analysed Elements: H to Pu
  • Lateral Resolution: 10 - 5000 µm
  • Maximum Depth resolution 10-1000 nm
  • Analysis range: 1 - 50 µm
  • Detection limit: Typically 1 ppm
  • Sample types: Solid, Powder, thin films, liquids
  • Mapping: up to 45x45mm² with up to 10000 points
  • Non-conductive samples: Yes (even diamond works)

Prices starting from 200€ per sample. The final price depends on the sample composition, the required accuracy, the required amount of points on the sample, and the quantity of samples. For large scale mappings costs can reduce down to 1€ per point.

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