Our patented (US 20210080412 A1) setup provides the optimal choice in the ion-beam analysis engineering space to offer you the state-of-the-art accuracy, performance, and resolution. A triplet of our high-performance ion beam focussing magnets in combination with several high-load apertures enables µm-sized ion-beam spot sizes with pA to nA ion-beam currents, depending on your demands.

This general purpose setup can be equipped with up to 6 detectors for RBS, NRA, EBS, ERDA, PIXE, and PIGE. The detector holders are engineered to provide <1% reproducibility due to alignment tolerances and down to 52 mm distance between ion focussing magnets and sample. Charged particle detectors with 15 to 400 mSr solid angle with angular coverages down to 2° and combine resolution and performance properties way ahead of the competition.  In combination with state-of-the-art energy resolution of <10 keV FWHM this enables even the separation of iron and chromium components in stainless-steels by Rutherford-Backscattering spectrometry. The SDD (FWHM<130 eV) and HPGe (FWHM<2 keV) based photon detectors are aligned to provide identical dead-times to the charged particle detectors resulting in perfectly balanced results and optimal counting statistics. Specific detector windows and high performance amplifier systems enable sample to detector distances down to 10 mm and count-rates up to several million counts/sec for all detector types.

A large sample exchange window enables easy access. The closed-loop 4-axis in-vacuo manipulator enables 50 mm travel in 3 linear dimensions and infinite rotation around the vertical axis (more on request). It fits sample holders designed to your individual demands with 50x50x50mm³ scanning space and up to 100 samples mounted in one run available for single point analysis or automated mappings. No spatial calibration or alignment are required for micro-beam scanning with positional accuracy <10 nm. A tool-free exchange system enables quick exchange times and the preparatory assembly of sample holders. A µm resolution 4K camera enables direct microspot observation and large scale sample overview in one image. The optimized high pumping-speed vacuum system gets you ready for analysis in 10-20 minutes. Special features such as glove-box integration or in-vacuo electrical connections (e.g. for charging batteries or temperature measurements) are available on request.

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MeV ion µ-beam analysis by RBS, NRA, ERD, PIXE, and PIGE, irradiation technologies, engineering services