Engineering Services and individual designs

Ion beam analysis represents a zoo of methods used for even more different applications. Our portfolio of standard devices covers many applications, but your individual project might require something more specific. Nevertheless, the technological basis remains similar and we can provide you solutions for numerous other methods and applications. Please contact us for your special requests.

This starts with individual sample holders to improve your daily working efficiency and sample handling. Smart sample holders enable mounting up to hundreds of individual samples, feature attached ID codes, or enable transportation of delicate samples through air and moisture. The ion-beam analysis device can even be integrated into production lines for on-line analysis of moving products, since many methods require analysis times in the order of seconds.

Special atmosphere conditions for biological or geological samples and other common methods such as elastic-recoil detection (ERD), ion-beam induced charge (IBIC), scanning transmission ion microscopy (STIM)

Ion beams also find use in non-analytical applications. The figure below shows a proton irradiation chamber for ion induced damaging studies in the context of nuclear materials for fusion and fission power. This chamber allows for kW beam loads on the sample required for several displacements per sample atom and exposure day. Due to its integrated sample heating and cooling, the sample temperature can be adjusted up to 1200 K regardless of the ion beam power.

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